A professional-quality incentive travel program can be one of the best motivators for your sales force, employees, top level executives, clients or distributors.  Incentive programs provide positive reinforcement, consistent motivation and individual control over personal achievement.  Results can be tangible such as increased sales volume or bottom line dollar amount or less tangible, such as effort or service level measured by associates and/or clients. Regardless, of the type of incentive the program is publicized and monitored throughout the duration.  Additionally, incentive reward programs have be shown to produce results, encourage comaraderie and increase company loyalty and longevity.


When a company hosts a meeting or event, the burden of the administrative details can be tedious and time-consuming. The registration process for any program requires valuable time and resources that should otherwise be dedicated to your company’s main business. Our staff at Progressive Inc. has the experience and tools needed to best organize your database of participants, and to provide the service necessary to meet each individual’s personal requirements and special requests.
Coordination of any program requires a great deal of correspondence with hotels, airlines, and other vendors. Without the proper experience, knowing where to begin can be a puzzling experience. Progressive professionals pay attention to every detail of your program, so that you can focus on the overall objectives of your program or event.


Return on investment. Employee retention and loyalty. Increased sales. Increased motivation. Information gathering and sharing. No matter how you look at it meetings and incentives drive business. Many industries studies confirm this.
Also critical to the bottom line,
after all the creating, planning, budgeting and reporting
is the participant experience.
Was it an experience they always remember? Will they tell friends, families and colleagues? Will they work harder to have another experience like it? Is their enthusiasm contagious?
Did they have the experience of a life time?
Progressive has all the expertise and leverage required to successfully manage any meeting or incentive project. But beyond that skillset is our unfailing ability to create moments that are never forgotten.

Pricing Transparency – All of our pricing is transparent and without any hidden fees. We leverage solid industry relationships along with our buying power to secure aggressive pricing and cost savings for our clients. Our global sourcing team negotiates diligently on behalf of our clients. In fact, for the past five years, they exceeded 30% contracted cost savings annually across all events. At the conclusion, each program will be fully audited and reconciled with supporting back-up and a detailed cost savings report