Journey to this exotic Land


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By: Valerie Grady On: June 28, 2016 In: Vietnam Comments: 1

During our 20+ plus years as incentive planners we pitched Vietnam to some of our more adventurous and sophisticated incentive groups without success. Many Americans depending on their demographic have very strong feelings about this part of Asia.  My business partner and I have always wanted to forward this destination and feel like the time is right.

It would seem that Vietnam is a country at a crossroads, where the traditions of religion and family values of the past are integrating with the modern Western influences of the present. Despite the fact that a majority of Vietnamese people are not religious, ancient traditions still permeate everyday life. Confucianism, though more popular in traditional Vietnam, developed a complex system of relationships still existing today.

The diversity that exsists in its landscape and the exotic nature of its culture combines for a fascinating and complex destination to be explored.  From Phu Quoc Island  with its white sand beaches to Halong Bay with its emerald waters, thousand of towering limestone islands topped by Rainforests to the CuChi Tunnels.  The people, the food and the landscape make for an unforgettable journey to Asia.

What has your experience been?