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By: Valerie Grady On: June 27, 2016 In: India Comments: 0
It’s not hard to believe that a country whose history reaches back 5 millennia  is now on the cusp of becoming the one of the modern worlds newest emerging superpowers . India is  considered he fasted developing country in the world country with the fastest growing economy and the largest democracy. . India is  home to 1 billion citizens who occupy a diverse country with vast differences in geography , climate, culture, language and ethnicities.
When we think of India we think famous and historical temples, tropical forests, backwaters, beaches and rivers, vibrant and colorful textiles, spices, festivals and processions, Bollywood  and lots and lots of people, traffic and chaos. As we plan our first trip we are going to skip the congestion of the North and head straight for Southern India whose attitude and location  are dramatically different from the mainland. Our itinerary so far includes  wine tasting in Southwest India’s rapidly emerging wine industry, standing at the southernmost tip of the continent where the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal meet Indian Ocean and exploring Puducherry (Pondy) in Tamil Nadu whose French History lends the town a decidedly bohemian chic vibe on one side against a typically hectic South Indian vibe on the other side of the Canal.  Have you been? We would love to hear what you think?