Connecting the Dots!

Do you remember when you fell in love with traveling? Couldn't wait to put another dot on the map and you knew for sure that you would go wherever you could whenever you could? For some it is a single pivotal moment and for others a confluence of events but either way you knew it would change your life. Here is our story.

Both Valerie and I grew up in Southern California. Valerie in Costa Mesa and me in Simi Valley. My family was Canadian and my first road trip happened when I was four and moving to California from Ottawa, Ontario. I don't remember that particular trip but I do remember the ones that followed as we traveled 3000 miles cross country back and forth each summer to visit the relatives. I saw most of the United States from the back seat of a Ford Mustang. As I grew older I saw much of California from the same back seat as my Dad's wanderlust took us from the beaches to the mountains to the deserts. I was hooked.

Sometimes you have a plan, sometimes life just presents itself and you grab on. For me, I was one month out of college and landed at the West coasts largest incentive company by answering an ad in the paper (this obviously was a long time ago). Within 2 months I was assisting on an Incentive trip in Brazil, within six months I had traveled to four other international destinations. I couldn't imagine a more interesting and dynamic career. Exploring the world as a job, I never looked back.

Those early moments and experiences created in each of us a passion for the world that we could not ignore. A passion that changes you in every way as you learn about the people and places that share the planet with you. Today, years and years later, that passion burns ever more brightly as we embrace the privilege of traveling and seek to encourage you to do the same.


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