It’s a Simple story.

Our hospitality roots started in the early 1990’s Valerie was a Director of Operations at an Orange County incentive company and Jo-Anne was a Senior Sales Manager at a 5 star hotel in San Diego. Our meeting was fortuitous, we met while collaborating on a National Sales Meeting for a Fortune 1000 company.

Persistence is Key

Progressive opened in 1993

The economy was on a cyclical downturn and research suggests business endeavors with family and friends oftentimes pose additional challenges and obstacles. In spite of the economy, Progressive took a foothold and continued to grow and prosper. We did things differently and built an exciting and innovative company.

Progressive continued to grow

Building an Exciting and Innovative company.

In 2008, we realized how important destination marketing was in driving meeting and incentive results. We started our marketing division to help our hospitality partners design programs that stretched beyond the value of their individual products (Hotels, DMC’s, etc.) to encompass the entire participant experience

Our Philosophy

Our Purpose is to redefine organizations through travel. We believe that by designing seamless and engaging experiences centered on the fundamental need for human connection we create energy and magic. This alchemy happens whether we are planning your incentive or marketing your destination

Our Mission is to serve as an extension of your incentive and destination resources. We strive to have a comprehensive understanding of your goals and objectives and to deliver high quality, impactful, and value-driven results.

Our Vision is to be the leading Incentive and Destination Marketing Company in the United States driving results for organizations across the globe.

Our Skills

Travel Media Managment 100% 100%
Destination Marketing Specialists 100% 100%
Incentive and Motivation Design Experts 100% 100%
Press & FAM Trip Design and Management 100% 100%
Destinations Traveled
Goals Attained
Memorable Experiences
Results Achieved


At Progressive, we believe the heart of our company is travel. Travel is a form of human connectivity. When we design programs our goal is to connect our travelers with the people and communities they visit. The more immersive and engaged the traveler visit is the greater the awareness for global social issues is. Our goal is to grow this social awareness through travel. This view of our business allows us to continue to do what we do in a sustainable way that is in harmony with society.