By: Valerie Grady On: June 27, 2016 In: Iceland Comments: 0
We traveled to Iceland the first time in the early 2000’s. Iceland really wasn’t on most people’s radar back then and we  were in search of a new group incentive destination. I remember being so ambivalent about the trip and unsure if we could market it to our clients.Today, after three subsequent trips I am shocked that it has taken Americans so long to recognize what the Europeans have known forever – Iceland rocks!
Of the many amazing adventures you can have from ice hiking and snowmobiling on glaciers, walking behind Waterfalls, four wheeling the dunes on black sand beaches, floating languidly in the blue lagoon or shopping and dining in Reykjavik –  the biggest adventure of all is getting to know the Icelanders.
This Land of Fire & Ice has only some 300,000 people all of which descended from a small group of vikings. They are smart, entrepreneurial and friendly.  There is very little unemployment and Icelandic cities are so safe that mothers leave their babies in prams outside of restaurants when dining.  Perhaps most  stunning is that Icelanders live on an island that is virtually alive with the lava flowing beneath them and the ocean swirling around them.  The environment and geography is so dynamic that one volcano erupting can wipe out an entire town in a single stroke.  This reality lends an ease to Icelanders that you don’t see in other places. They seem to face challenges in stride and try not to sweat the small stuff. They are fun to be around.
We are planning our next visit to Iceland in the next few months.  Instead of starting in Reykjavik and touring the South and Southwest we are going to head West to West Iceland and the West Fjords. The majority of tourists to Iceland never make it to these spectacular places. Stay tuned to our page and watch our  itinerary unfold with visits to the Magical Snaefellsnes Peninsula, the Dynjandi Waterfall, the Basalt Beaches and Cliffs of Latrabjarg, and gourmet meals in Isafjordur to name but a few. Who would like to join?

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